Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Change your expenses to income

Biasanya kita membeli barang-barang dikedai tetapi tidak mendapat diskaun walaupun kita membeli dikedai tersebut berulang kali. Mahukah anda jika anda mendapat kupon setiap kali membeli dikedai tersebut...Kupon tersebut kemudiannya boleh ditukar kepada barang keperluan lain pula mahupun cash. Ini akan menjimatkan anda!!!.

Apa yang perlu anda buat hanya tukar kedai yang anda selalu shopping kepada kedai ecosway. Anda boleh daftar sebagai VIP shopper jika anda hanya ingin membeli barang di ecosway. Tetapi jika anda ingin mendapat bonus, group bonus,  dan sebagainya lagi anda perlu mendaftar sebagai Business Owner.

Sila hubungi saya dengan mengisi borang enquiry dibawah.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Malaysian firm delivering the American dream

Saturday March 27, 2010 The Star
A Malaysian firm delivering the American dream

THE multi-level marketing industry in the United States and Japan combined is estimated to be worth US$56bil last year, compared with that of Malaysia at US$1.26bil.
Cosway USA Inc president Steve Spaulding identifies three key factors that will help Cosway make inroads into the US – the group’s unique business model, timing of the global economy, and the leadership and vision of the company.
“We are capitalising on Cosway’s ability to offer the best quality at the lowest price,” Spaulding says. It’s an exciting business model, which will help the local economy. Besides giving people the chance to be an entrepreneur, Cosway would give jobs to local manufacturers whose businesses have been languishing as a result of the global economic crisis.
Stephanie Davis, Cosway’s international director of sales and marketing, says: “Despite the turmoil that the Americans have been through over the last two years, with many of them being put out of jobs, many are still holding on to the American dream.
“It’s the entrepreneurial spirit in them that wouldn’t die. And here we have a Malaysian firm delivering the American dream. And it’s not just an American dream but also a global dream.”
Cosway will start operations in the US by the end of May and it plans to have 120 stores in the country during the first year of operations. It is also targeting the same number of stores for its first year of operations in Japan, which is expected to start in August this year.
“Network marketing thrives in bad economies,” says eCosway Japan president Sean Macdonald. He believes Cosway will be a hit in Japan as the country’s economy continues to remain sluggish.
“Firstly, our product prices are going to be much more competitive than those offered by the local hypermarkets, which are usually located far out of town due to the high rentals in the cities,” he says.
“Secondly, our stores will be in both rural and urban areas, providing the locals easy access to our products. Hence, this gives us the added advantage when we compete against hypermarkets.
“And thirdly, our wide range of products will give us the advantage over convenience stores,” Macdonald says, adding that “Cosway will be positioned as both a convenience store and a hypermarket in Japan.”
Founder and CEO Al Chuah says he expects each store in these countries to generate an average turnover of US$50,000 per month.
But Davis quips: “Oh, that’s a very conservative figure.” She believes the average turnover of each store will exceed Chuah’s expectations significantly.
Indeed, it’s a global dream in the pipeline for the Cosway group. It’s a business that’s been touted as the next big thing for its ultimate major shareholder, Main Market-listed Berjaya Corp Bhd. And if the dream materialises, Cosway will set another global success story for a Malaysia-born company.

(original link: http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/3/27/business/5931163&sec=business)

Business Opportunity in eCosway

Cosway(M) is targetting for 500-800 new branches in the whole Malaysia

8 Criteria for Stockist Application
1) Female
2) 25-50 years old
3) English(sufficient enough to operate computer)
4) RM10k Deposit(refundable)
5) Guarantor - not to worry about it
6) the shop must open 7 days/week
7) the shop must open 12 hours/ day full time

Benefit - expenses bared by Cosway
- Renovation
- Stock
- Monthly Rental(Tenancy agreement signed by computer & owner)
- Monthly Eletric bill
- Sundry Expenses
- Repair & Maintenance
- Stationary reimbursement RM20/month
- Activities/demo expenses reimbursement
- Bunting/leaflet/Catalog/DVD
- Business Registraion
- Area Executive(Maintainance)
- Trainer(Promote sales) - 6 months provided
- Stock Coordinator (monitor stock)
- Equipment: Computer, tv, alarm system, cctv, water dispenser and etc

NOT included expenses(e-stockist owner have to bare herself)
- Water bill
- Installation of 2 telephone lines + streamyx
- Insurance premium around RM1k plus - deducted from bonus by 3 months, insurance coverage include Flood, Fire, Theft and Robbery

Your Profit
1) Retail Profit
1st to 6th month = Total Sales X 10%
7th month onwards = 1st RM10k X 10%, remaining X 5%
Example: 7th month with 100k sales = you earn RM6500
* Most of E-stockist branches in KL area have over RM100k sales every month)

~~~For the explanation of the following profit, please contact me

2) Company Incentive Campaign
a) Extra income for renewal & new member(VIP shopper + BO registration)
Company Lucky Draw

3) Reflux income for Walk in VIP Shopper eV (eVolume)

4) U Mobile Referrer Income

5) Co-branded AMBank Credit Card

6) E-transfer

7) Looking BO to open Branches - Branch Override Profit

Friday, May 28, 2010

Perniagaan Kedai eCosway dengan kos minima…

Sekiranya perniagaan francais biasa....kos overhead, kos renovation, sewa kedai akan ditanggung oleh anda. Sebab itu banyak sistem francais gagal.

Konsep yg diperkenalkan oleh ecosway adalah ECOSWAY CONDO STORE.
Ecosway memperkenalkan konsep dimana hampir segala2nya DITANGGUNG oleh syarikat BERJAYA GROUP (pemilik rangkaian 7ELEVEN, starbucks, singer, kenny rogers dsb) termasuklah:
a) FREE kos renovation kedai
b) FREE sewa kedai
c) FREE bil elektrik
d) FREE stok barangan bernilai RM300k - RM500k (100% consignment)
e) Equipment - tv, cctv, komputer dan alarm system.
f) Lesen perniagaan, bahan promosi seperti bunting, dvd, leaflet dan katalog diberi percuma.
g) Bil air, telefon dan gaji pekerja anda perlu bayar.

Kini anda boleh memiliki sebuah kedai ecosway milik anda sendiri yang boleh diwariskan kepada anak anda.

Sebagai Pemilik Perniagaan (BO), anda boleh:

1. Memperkenalkan orang yang berminat dengan peluang perniagaan.

2. Memperkenalkan orang untuk membeli-belah di mana-mana kedai eCosway.

3. Memperkenalkan orang yang berminat mengusaha sesebuah kedai eCosway.

4. Memohon untuk mengusahakan kedai eCosway.

Register sebagai BO (Business Owner) sekarang.!!!

Maklumat lanjut sila hubungi:
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m.isa 016-660MISA mohiib@gmail.com

website www.ecosway.com/home/MY022432